Orthopaedic Osteopathy

Orthopaedic osteopathy treats musculo-skeletal disorders and pain. Treatment methods for joints include manipulation and mobilisation in order to rectify incorrect positions and functional problems.  Other osteopathic treatment methods include technical massage concentrating on the problem areas, various exercise treatments and guiding the client in their body management. http://www.soory.info/en

Classic Massage

Massage is mechanical manipulation of tissues for therapeutic purposes. Massage relaxes muscles and improves their circulation and metabolism. It also increases the elasticity of muscles and tendons.  Massage alleviates pain and has a positive effect on stress. Massage focusing on the problem areas provides much relief for diverse musculo-skeletal complaints.

Neural Pathway Massage

Neural pathway massage works by activating the body’s nerve impulses by irritating/massaging the topical nerve endings. The treatment involves the whole body from top to toe. This treatment can be used, for example, to modify the function of the sympathetic nervous system by decreasing spinal tension, releasing trapped nerves, improving circulation and metabolism and the functioning of lungs
and internal organs. Neural pathway massage
is a pleasant and relaxing treatment.



30 € / 35 min

40 € / 45 min

60 € / 60 min

80 € / 90 min