I founded my massage therapy salon, Hierontapiste Sipriina, in 2001 in Keski-Suomi, Uurainen, where I worked until 2012. For the past year, I have had my practice in Ivalo, and now also at Kiilopää.

I qualified as a massage therapist
in 2001.
In addition, I gained qualifications in neural pathway therapy in 2001 and in orthopaedic osteopathy in 2009. In future, I aim to do further training in kinesio taping.

I was attracted to Lapland by its amazing natural beauty. I am a northern girl, having been born in Kuusamo. I enjoy hiking and camping with friends and my two dogs: Finnish Lapphunds Aivi and Gielas. I maintain my well-being by exercise and ice swimming. I love the individual and genuine people of Lapland, who are easy to get along with and nice to work with.

In my work, it is important for me to focus on the client. The client encounter is holistic, based on their individual needs.  A trusting relationship with the client is naturally a given. The most rewarding aspect of my work is to be part in solving the client’s musculo-skeletal problems while supporting their holistic wellbeing. Holistic treatment means that not just one part of the body is treated, but the whole entity, which means
better functioning for the whole body.
In addition to the treatments, the service may also include advice
on nutrition and/or exercise.

I’d like to welcome you warmly
to enjoy our treatments!

Sirpa Kurtti
Hierontapiste Sipriina